Diotima e Euridice

ISCM World Music Days 2005 – 23rd Music Biennale Zagreb

by Nicola Sani

Text compiled and freely adapted by Nicola Sani.

World Premiere Performance - 21st April 2005 at 10 pm
Zagrebačko Kazalište Lutaka









The opera was commissioned by DeutschlandRadio Berlin for the Art of Sound series and realised in the Electronic Studios of the Akademie der Künste Berlin.

This scenic realisation is being created by Nimrod Opera Zurich for the ISCM World Music Days 2005 in collaboration with the 23rd Music Biennale Zagreb.

The opera speaks about the lack of communication between man and woman. Without interest in any relationship, only in the demands of the individual and the realisation of personal desires, Euridice and Diotima refer to the primal conflict between physical and spiritual love, Eros and Agape, and the eternal conflict between love and death, Eros and Thanatos. Diotima and Euridice, the female figures from the world of myths and poetry, refer also to their respective companions: Orfeo, the legendary singer of the Greek myths, and Hyperion, the title character in the romantic tale by Friedrich Hölderlin.

How does the relationship between Euridice and Diotima relate to modern times, to our daily existence? The stories have many parallels and similarities: Beginning with the themes of the myths as the point of departure, the daily rapport between man and woman shows their lack of understanding, repressed problems, the desire for revenge and endless conflicts. The mythological couples stand for the thousands of real-life couples of all times, the Euridice/Diotima’s and Orfeo/Hyperion’s. The relationship is photographed in a moment of suspense, in which myth and poetry define the context, the background, the atmosphere, in a quasi metaphysical, unreal condition. Just a woman and a man of undetermined age “Midway upon the journey of our life” [Dante: Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita], suspended between day and night, between life and death, in a limbo void of hope.

Production management by media arts productions F. Hunter & Co. Zurich, Switzerland.

Anna Clementi
Marie Goyette
Nicholas Isherwood
Roberto Fabbriciani
Gareth Davis
Elena Casoli
Robin Fingest
Antonio Caggiano
Alvise Vidolin
Pamela Hunter
Sara Barbieri
Tomislav Feller

E-Guitar, lute
Antonio Caggiano
Sound Director
Scenic realisation and direction
Zagreb Dance Company