The Ballroom
Bohemian National Hall
Czech Centre
321 East
73rd Street
New York
NY 10021
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With the Argento Chamber Ensemble.

Conductor : Michel Galante.

February 6th-7th 2014.

Start 7pm.


Cassandra continued...

Cassandra does not speak … she thinks… a monologue is taking place within her, which she is powerless to stop:

“The flow of images which race relentlessly through my head - the words cannot keep up with them…” [Cassandra]

The scenes: capture – the blind triumph of the victors – childhood memories – the gift of prophecy with its treacherous curse - deflowering of the maidens – warmth of young love - foresight of terrible wars – political evils – murders – rape - and the intolerable helplessness, knowing that all others are blind to the truth.

In these last moments before her death, Cassandra weaves a pattern of thought - fragments coming together at random - as a painter captures a scene. A moment in time, with all figures present - simultaneously - without development.

”If Apollo spits into your mouth, that means you have the gift to predict the future.
But no one will believe you.”

“Nothing left to describe the world but the language of the past. The language of the present has shrivelled to my captured state. The language of the future has only one sentence for me: Today I will be killed.” [Cassandra]

The epic monodrama by Christa Wolf dating from the latter days of the East German Republic set to music by Swiss composer Michael Jarrell is being presented by NIMROD OPERA ZURICH, specialists for contemporary music theatre. The inner Monologue of the prophetess is depicted using film and ‘live-camera’ as the images in her mind rush past in flashback.

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